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Kingscliff Pool Shop provides an array of pool & spa related services.

Contact us to get expert advice & discuss your individual needs.

Equipment Upgrades & Repairs

Kingscliff Pool Shop have qualified & experienced technicians ready to undertake basic repairs onsite or remove & replace your equipment quickly & efficiently.

Professional Pool Advice

Get expert advice from our professional staff when you need it most. Our service technicians have extensive knowledge & experience dealing with all types of pool related issues. Don't risk damaging your pool - get expert advice.

Pool Equipment Fault Diagnosis

Whether you have a chlorinator, pump or filter issue our qualified technicians can quickly determine the cause of your problems & undertake repairs or provide you with a quote for repair.

Pool Heating

Kingscliff Pool Shop can advise you on the type of heating system that is most suitable for your pool. Whether its gas, solar or electric we have the experience & knowledge to give you the best advice & provide comprehensive installation.

Leaking Pool Analysis

If your pool is losing water or you are constantly topping up pool chemicals beyond the normal rate you may have an undetected leak that needs to be addressed. Let us determine the source of your leak & guide you with options for repair.

Pump Repairs

Our expert technicians can remove, diagnose, repair or provide a quote for repair of all size pool pumps. Sometimes we will replace the pump with a temporary loan pump whilst we diagnose the problem.

Pool Covers & Rollers

Kingscliff Pool Shop stocks a variety of pool covers & rollers to suit a variety of pool shapes & sizes. Pool covers not only protect your pool but maintain water temperature & reduce your heating costs.

Pre-Purchase Inspection Reports & Handovers

If you've recently purchased a property with a pool we can provide a specialised service to help you understand routine maintenance. We also provide detailed pre-inspection reports for clients looking to purchase a home with a pool.

Light Repairs & Installation

We stock an array of LED lights that can truly transform your pool into something beautiful. Kingscliff Pool Shop can advise you on the type & size of light that is most suitable for your pool shape & needs.

Acid Wash & Restoration

If your pool is in dire need of a complete overhaul we can drain, clean out, acid wash, pressure clean & refill your pool to restore & transform it back to what it should be.

Sand Filter Change

To ensure maximum performance for your filter the sand should be replaced every 4-5 years. When it's time to replace the sand in your filter contact the experts at Kingscliff Pool Shop.

Retail Store

Kingscliff Pool Shop stocks an array of pool products including magna minerals, cholrinators, chemicals, cleaners, pumps, filters, ladders, spare parts, LED lighting & accessories.

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